Just 30kms east of Chiang Mai city lies the popular hotsprings of Sankhampeng.

Though they may seem redundant in a hot tropical climate, the geysers and warm pools remain a popular attraction and certainly draw the crowds in the cooler months.

San Kamphaeng Hot SpringsBut there are numerous others scattered about Northern Thailand and they offer a interesting sight for those exploring the mountainous landscape, where it does get quite cold in the winter.

Natural hot springs are loaded with health-giving minerals that are said to offer benefits to the body, not to mention the feeling of warm waters against the skin makes for a relaxing experience. The heat itself is said to release mental stress, relieve muscle aches and backache, help skin problems, and promote well being in general.

There are many areas in Thailand where hot springs emerge from the earth, including in the south but especially in the north around the Chiang Mai region. Some have been developed as attractions and are thus a bit touristy, like Sankampaeng hot springs, yet others are beautifully set amid stunning scenery with hardly anyone around.