Muang On Cave is situated in the San Kamphaeng District, about 30km East of Chiang Mai near the Hot Springs.

The road leading to Muang-On Cave winds it’s way up the side of a hill to a small car park. There are several vendors selling food and souvenirs here and there is plenty of shaded seating available.

If you do not have a water bottle, it is a good idea to grab a cold drink here as it can be a hot climb.cave exploring muang on thailand

From the car park you have to climb up a steep Naga Serpent stairway, about 180 steps, before reaching the entrance to the cave. The entrance fee is 30THB and it goes towards the upkeep of the cave system.

Check that the lights have been switched on before descending into some big caverns.

Once inside you have several steep staircases going down along with several flat walkways in between. All the way down you will pass by grottos dotted with shrines most of which are lit with fluorescent lights.

When you reach the main cavern floor you will see a huge 30 foot long reclining Buddha. Look above the statue and see if you can see what some say is a fossilised dinosaur skeleton.

The Muang-On Caves are filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

There is a winding concrete pathway along the cavern floor allowing you to wander along till you finally reach the end of the caverns.cave exploring muang on thailand

All the way along the path you will see dozens more of the little shrines that have been erected over the decades.

No need to duck your head moving around in this cave system as it if full of towering caverns and fluorescent lights artfully placed around to enhance the look and feel of natural rock formations.