Beat the heat this hot season

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Why relaxing at our poolside bar is the coolest option this month

With March seeing temperatures rising to an average of 35°C in Bangkok and humidity reaching around 70%, it’s safe to say that March is the beginning of Thailand becoming stinking hot and pretty uncomfortable.


Here are five fun ways to cool off this March, ranked from least to best:

5. Cabin fever: As we approach hot season and outside conditions become more and more unbearable, the temptation is there to close your door and stay holed up in your airconditioned hotel room. Even though temperatures are soaring, there are better ways to cool off and enjoy your time in Thailand.

4. Retail therapy: Probably the easiest way to cool off is to retreat to the sanctuaries offered by retail therapy. Malls are the safest, coolest place to be when temperatures and humidity climb. Hpoolside barave a coffee date with friends, or cocktails and beer after work, or dinner out with your loved one in the local shopping mall. The only problem is, this is not a sustainable option; it can become a bit of a money-trap, and there is only so much you can do in a mall before feeling a little caged in.

3. Go to the beach: With it being low season, prices are great and beaches are less crowded. The reason for that, however, is the rising temperatures that we’re so desperate to avoid. So if you do opt to go to the beach, reserve our dips in the ocean for early morning and late afternoon, and spend the rest of your time in air conditioned spaces.

2. Go to the mountains: The refreshing, cooler climate of Chiang Mai province earns it the second best option in our quest to find the best destination to cool down in March. Tall mountains, rolling green hills, sparkling waterfalls and a slower pace all make this a great alternative to the heat of the city. Consistently cooler than anywhere else in Thailand, Chiang Mai is a favourite for Thais and tourists alike in the hot season.

1. And the winner is… all of them, in one place:  Don’t feel like you are missing out – now you can have it all at Baanpong Lodge. Come to the cool, mountainous region of Chiang Mai and enjoy the slow life as you retreat into the air conditioned climes of our luxury lodge. Enjoy food made with love at our restaurant, or sip cocktails or imported craft beer at our fully stocked poolside bar in the shade of the air conditioned gazebo. And finally, better than hot, sandy beaches – cool off in our refreshing pool, or stretch out on one of our poolside loungers, far away from the hustle of tourists and the heat of the city.  


That’s why our poolside bar is the coolest place to be in the hot season, because – aside from escaping the heat –  you will find the chilled version of yourself again.