chiang mai resort

There are a wide variety of Chiang Mai countryside resorts available when you visit this popular tourist destination. But if you’re looking for the perfect getaway in Chiang Mai, look no further.

Baanpong Lodge is your haven of relaxation.

With the reputation of being one of Chiang Mai province’s most beautiful resorts, Baanpong Lodge continues to be a popular tourist destination for weekend travelers and long-stay visitors, from far and wide.

We know that travelling sometimes brings its share of stress. This is why Baanpong Lodge commits to making you feel like you are at the best of the resorts available to you in the Chiang Mai province.

Take a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional vacation.

In this beautiful setting, we’ll ensure that you are relaxed and well taken care of throughout your stay with us.

Located just outside of the Chiang Mai capital, Baanpong Lodge is the perfect choice in resorts for honeymooners or expats wanting a quiet getaway over a weekend.

baanpong lodgeLuxury resorts in Chiang Mai are ideal for the perfect weekend getaway for couples, friends and family.

But what makes Baanpong Lodge so special is the fact that – while you’re only a short drive away from the provincial capital – you still feel like you’re far away enough for it to feel like a holiday.

Visitors can enjoy amazing local cuisine, wonderful staff, a beautiful, crystal clear swimming pool and local hotspots in the surrounding area that will make your stay an adventure of a lifetime.

With its top facilities, activities and staff, Baanpong Lodge makes other resorts look average in comparison. Five-star luxury you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends largely on the nature of your holiday.

  • City and nightlife: If your holiday is about shopping, bars and restaurants, clubs and markets, then it would be better to stay in the city for this leg of your holiday.
  • Countryside and nature: If your holiday is about nature, adventure, jungle trekking, climbing, and relaxing in nature, then the lodge is ideal.
  • Bit of both: If you want to experience both, then driving to town once or twice is a short 30 minute trip away, with nature on your doorstep.

We understand that not everyone wants traditional Thai dishes all the time, so our restaurant has a wide selection of western dishes for you to enjoy, and taste a bit of home!


We provide fresh bottled water (two per guest) every day for our guests, for free. Alternatively you can buy more water from the bar and restaurant, or from the many shops close by. We do not advise that you drink the tap water.