Ban Chang Nak (House of Many Elephants)

Visit Ban Chang Nak and you will experience a wide variety of artist performance and local Thai Lanna craftsmen.

Inside the house, there are elephants meticulously carved by a Sala or “very skilled craftsman”.

It’s really worth the visit to appreciate the beauty and skill of these pieces of art, and how the artists have expressed their love and respect for elephants on wood.


Ban Chang Nak Museum houses the artwork of Sala Phet Wiriya, his friends, and disciples.

Elephants have been the national animals of Lanna for ages. More importantly, Sala Phet has produced a lot of elephant wood-carvings in many sizes and developed the styles of wood carving that we know and love.

Ban Chang Nak is considered to be the birthplace of this style of of many elephants chiang mai


Sustainable Beauty

Ban Chang Nak constantly seeks to find new local materials that can replace the existing rare materials. It is found that Thai copper pod wood is very hard. Although it is more difficult to carve than teak, the colours are more natural. Ebony is used to dye the wood and is non-toxic and natural.

The creation of these elephants is also an attempt at preserving the Lanna elephant, and keeping awareness uppermost in Thai and tourists’ minds.

Most of all, Salas are invested in conserving this unique Lanna art and craft, so that we don’t forget, and can pass on the skill to those to come.